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Creating a Seamless Homepage

KSL Classifieds 

KSL Classifieds had major issues with their homepage. It hadn’t been audited for usability issues since it was designed in 2016. I led a redesign of the homepage experience including an overhaul of their search.

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UI/UX Designer

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Web & Mobile

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Time Frame
Nov 2020 - Mar 2021

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The Product

In Utah when most people think of selling their old skis or are looking for a gently used bike they go to KSL Classifieds. It’s one of the regions largest online marketplaces for buying or selling goods.

The User’s Problems

A major pain point gathered from user interviews was navigation of the homepage. During usability tests we discovered that about half of new users had difficulty locating where to conduct a keyword search. It was grouped with facets like; Seller Type, Listing Type, and Time On Site, all of which according to our Google Analytics were used in less than 1% of user sessions. 

Old Design

Old Design.png







Keyword Search: 
12,520,662 Clicks



Category Search: 
3,527,293 Clicks



Facet Search: 
320,662 Clicks


New Design

New Design.png


Analyzing the Competition

I performed a functional assessment of our top three competitors including Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, and Offerup. I was looking to see what features their homepages had to offer.

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Sketch Image.png
Sketch Image.png

Ideation & Design

Brainstorming and Sketching

Anytime I tackle a project I start with extremely loose wireframes and jotting down as many ideas to solve the issue that I can. When I started with these designs I knew I needed to make it a search first based experience.

Final Designs

A More Engaging
Homepage Experience

After analyzing and fixing issues with the prototypes I was ready to build hi-fidelity designs. A search first experience was the top priority.


Making Filtering Results an Enjoyable Experience

The old design of the homepage was harsh and confusing. Hiding filters under a button still allowed users to get specific, but also allowed for plenty of screen real estate for browsing listings

Final Designs

Designing for
Every Screen Size

Classifieds is a mobile first platform about 63% of our users access the site from mobile devices. However, the rest use desktop. Our designs needed to work across all device sizes. So nailing the designs across all screens was a must.

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More Work

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Briostack Technician
Scheduling Experience

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theMemories Digital 

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