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Making Service Appointments Easier

Brio Tech

Brio Tech is a cloud software that helps field service technicians fulfill appointments and manage their daily schedules. I led the redesign of the app’s user experience to increase ease of use and maximize value.

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Lead UI/UX Designer

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IOS & Android

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Time Frame
Aug 2021 - Dec 2021

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Meet the Client

Brio Tech was built to help field technicians manage all facets of their day. It allows its users to manage complex and customizable solutions for the most challenging business processes. Including daily schedules, appointment servicing, and customer support.

An Unreliable Product

Understanding the Problem

Brio Tech had inconsistent interfaces that were off brand. Different patterns and colors created an unpredictable experience and diluted trust in what was otherwise well respected software innovation. Usability issues were hurting businesses using the product in the field and making them look for other solutions. It also lacked many features that had been long requested by users.

Old Daily  Schedule UI.png

Old Daily Schedule UI

Confusing user interface bogged down with less important information

Old Appointment  Information UI.png

Old Appointment 
Information UI

Confusing buttons and difficult user flow

Old Product Servicing UI.png

Old Product Servicing UI

Confusing buttons and difficult user flow hurting efficiency

Old Mapping and Location UI.png

Old Mapping and Location UI

Techs complained that it was almost useless to them because it was difficult to navigate

Talking with Users

Giving Technicians the Tools to Make the Job Easier

I spent hours talking with actual Brio Tech users listening to their feedback and identifying major pain points that they had. There was a ton of great insight and I was able to implement it in the product redesign.

Fix Broken User Interfaces.png

Fix Broken 
User Interfaces

Add Look Ahead  Schedule Experience.png

Add Look Ahead 
Schedule Experience

Integrate Smartphone Scanning Capabilities.png

Integrate Smartphone 
Scanning Capabilities

Make the App  More Intuitive.png

Make the App 
More Intuitive

Optimize Servicing MDUs and Stations .png

Optimize Servicing 
MDUs and Stations 

Update the Design  of Existing Elements.png

Update the Design 
of Existing Elements

Speeding Up Appointment Time

Making Large Jobs Easier to Service

Stations and Multiple Dwelling Units are a major day to day task of technicians. Stations are remade parameters for products and tools so a technician doesn’t need to manually enter it every time they’re servicing an appointment. Making it easier to service them was a must of this redesign. 

Old Design

Old Design.png






No capability of servicing multiple units at once


Quickly servicing a station was difficult


Confusing UI with too many buttons

New Design

New Design.png
Background Image.png
Empty Phone.png

Establishing Design System

Creating Consistent 
UI Patterns

Making UI elements consistent are key to a great user experience. My goal with this project was to create reusable components for Brio Tech so they could be  easily tweaked and built on to scale for future projects.

UI Patterns 1.png
UI Patterns 2.png
UI Patterns 3.png
Two iPhones Mock.png
Multiple iPhones.png

Post MVP Launch

Making the Best Product

After the launch of the MVP I have planned and built more features for Brio Tech to make it more useful to technicians and enjoyable to use. I built a leaderboard experience to incentivize technicians to be service more appointments, which would reward the top technicians with gifts or prizes.

Post MVP 1.png
Post MVP 2.png
Post MVP 3.png

More Work

Briostack Image.png

Briostack Technician
Scheduling Experience

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KSL Classifieds 
Homepage Redesign

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